Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is shaping the cloud-centric future with a mission to protect our digital way of life.

Palo Alto Networks helps address the world’s greatest security challenges with continuous innovation in artificial intelligence, analytics, automation, and orchestration. With customers in over 150 countries, Palo Alto Networks solutions protect 70,000+ organisations across clouds, networks and mobile devices.

Each of Palo Alto Networks’ go-to-market product streams are included in X-OD. This includes:

Strata logo

Bundled hardware and security subscriptions for the Strata suite

Prisma Logo

Monthly/quarterly opex subscription instead of annually for Prisma Access

Cortex logo

Align cost model to revenue model, allowing customers to monetise Cortex XSOAR without upfront outlay

Key deal parameters

  • 3-year deals
  • Monthly, quarterly & yearly subscriptions
  • Local currency
  • Local-to-local deals
  • Assets and licences owned by X-OD
  • No need for leasing or paperwork

New subscription models will be released over the coming quarters.

Use Cases: How to win with Palo Alto Networks and X-OD

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Winning net new end-users

PA-850 with 3 years’ support, advanced filtering and threat prevention.

Customer won’t pay 3 years upfront and is put off by complexity of leasing.

Bundled hardware and security subscriptions for the Strata suite.

  • Increase deal size by adding more subscriptions with limited impact on monthly payment.
  • Ensure higher customer satisfaction and renewals rate.
Prisma logo

Simplify adoption and secure remote working

Move to security as a service (full opex) and provide higher agility.

Prisma subscriptions are annual, customer budgets tight and 3-year upfront is unattractive.

Monthly/quarterly opex subscription, rather than annually, for Prisma Access.

  • Speed up sales cycle, unlock budget by providing monthly / quarterly payments.
  • Provide agility on how the technology is both consumed and operated.
Cortex logo

Speed up growth with MSSPs

3 years Cortex XSOAR and XDR to improve MSSP SOC efficiency and accelerate ROI.

Providing SOAR/EDR-based services has an upfront cost of sale, hitting profitability.

Align MSSP’s cost model and revenue model, monetising Cortex XSOAR/XDR without upfront outlay.

  • Enable switch to both buying and selling on a monthly/quarterly opex basis.
  • MSSP can increase loyalty by bundling technology and own services over the 3-year term.

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