Immigrants And Refugees Reskill With ThriveDX Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp

ThriveDX Chosen by the Israel Innovation Authority to Lead Program

After three months of intensive training, ThriveDX, the global leader in cybersecurity and digital skills training and cyber talent building, announced the graduation of its first of many cohorts of the “Olim” (new immigrants) Cybersecurity Bootcamp in Israel.

Many immigrated from the USAChileArgentinaSouth AfricaVenezuelaFranceRussia and also Ukraine – some of whom were impacted by the war between Ukraine and Russia. ThriveDX was chosen out of a large group of applicants to work with the Government of Israel and the Israel Innovation Authority to prepare trainees for jobs in the country’s highly esteemed cybersecurity industry, fueling more job opportunities for refugees and immigrants.

Immigrants and refugees, especially those currently fleeing the war in Ukraine, have a number of hurdles to overcome, including starting over, finding new careers in a new country, supporting their families, and other major life stresses. Other refugees have overcome similar challenges and gone on to become titans of their industries including Albert EinsteinMadeleine Albright and Gloria Estefan.

ThriveDX Olim Refugee

ThriveDX had the privilege to take in 25 new students and provide them an outlet and skills to transform their careers with their renowned cybersecurity bootcamp.

“As the Project Manager of the New immigrants Bootcamp, I am so happy that we had the opportunity to train these talented students from eight different countries, opening the door for them to the cybersecurity world. Getting them into the Bootcamp softens the difficulty of starting a new life in a new country, especially for the students that immigrated from Russia and Ukraine, fleeing the recent war,” said Daniel Rotman, Project Manager of the Olim project, ThriveDX. “This was made possible largely with the support of the Israel Innovation Authority, which has helped us finance this project and its important goals.”

ThriveDX’s Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp was developed by veterans of the elite cyber-intelligence unit of the IDF, recognized as world leaders in their field, to create more accessible career opportunities in cybersecurity. The IDF Elite units are known for their unique training methods, designed to implement cutting-edge practices within a short time. These unique training methods make up the core of ThriveDX training programs. The Bootcamp successfully prepares people with little or no background in tech for entry-level cybersecurity jobs, and encourages underrepresented groups, such as women, minorities, and students from the socio-geographic periphery, to apply.

“I want to thank ThriveDX for giving me a great opportunity to participate in a cybersecurity bootcamp. Because of the Russian attack on my country and my city, I had only a few days to evacuate myself and my mom,” said one of the students in the ThriveDX Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp. “This bootcamp allowed me, after such a stressful relocation, to feel a kind of comfort, giving me the opportunity to dive into learning about cybersecurity. I believe that the knowledge I gained during these three months will give a new start to my career and help me become a part of the high-tech community in Israel.”

“The Cybersecurity Impact Bootcamp does not just prepare trainees to land a rewarding career in cybersecurity, but it also opens up opportunities for underrepresented groups, thanks to its unique training method,” said David Chesterman, Head of Education Partnerships, ThriveDX.

“This Bootcamp gives companies access to diverse talent their workforce is missing, and provides trainees with a jumpstart for their new career. In a world with a lot of uncertainty, it’s encouraging to witness more immigrants and refugees taking their circumstances into their own hands, channeling the potential grief from their relocation into a bootcamp that can help provide a bright future”, said Roy Zur, CEO of ThriveDX Enterprise.

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