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The world’s premier cybersecurity and digital skills provider.

ThriveDX’s Human Factor Security focuses on understanding and mitigating the cyber risks posed by human behaviour and actions.

The Human Factor Security market is surging, estimated in Europe at $5B ARR annually, as organizations have realized the importance of investing in technologies and processes against these types of threats.

Exclusive Networks on Demand X-OD and ThriveDX are working together to advance the state of the human factor in cybersecurity. 

The stats

of all cybersecurity incidents involve
the human factor

is the global average total
cost of a data breach

of CISOs state that security
awareness is mandatory for
maintaining security levels

Exclusive Networks and ThriveDX will work together to advance the state of the human factor
in cybersecurity.

More about ThriveDX


ThriveDX specialises in end-to-end cybersecurity training and talent solutions which tackle human error from a 360′ approach. The ThriveDX suite arms employees with the know-how, skills, and behaviors to prevent cyber risks, vulnerabilities, and threats to your business. Through their methodology, staff from both technical and non-technical business functions receive training that is practical and tailored for their roles.


Solutions Offered:

Security Awareness Training

Developed by former ethical hackers and cyber
military defence experts, our behaviour-changing
phishing and awareness solution effectively trains
employees and reduces the risk of threats,
vulnerabilities, and attacks.

Application Security Training

This is a revolutionary secure code training based on
real-world interactive scenarios. Developers will learn
to think like a hacker to identify vulnerabilities in their
code to mitigate and prevent future attacks.

Why ThriveDX?


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  • Your customers can access ThriveDX on-demand. It is only one click away with X-OD : access to a digital platform
  • Enables resellers to become service providers through a digital platform and answers to the growing trend of managed services
  • Combines automation and digitalization to produce efficiencies for channel partners. You can create your own quotes and manage subscriptions
  • Increase the customer satisfaction and lifetime value
  • Accelerated sales cycle
  • Answer to changing end-users demands for everything-as-a-service
  • Simplify your operations
  • Reduce churn
  • Build long term strategic relationships with your customers


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