Geo-distributed cloud storage that’s secure, fully compliant, at 80% less than AWS

Why Cubbit

A partner of Gaia-X, Cubbit is Europe’s first geo-distributed cloud object storage. Its groundbreaking technology delivers unmatched security, compliance, and sustainability — at 80% less than hyperscalers.

Unlike traditional cloud storage, Cubbit doesn’t store data in a few centralized data centers. Instead, files are encrypted, fragmented, and replicated across geo-distributed networks— safe from disasters, ransomware, and data breaches.

This advanced distribution mechanism expands across multiple cities within a single country, ensuring compliance with the nation’s specific data sovereignty laws. Indeed, Cubbit allows users to geofence the area where data is stored in full compliance with GDPR, CCPA, ACN (ex AgID), and ISO.

Finally, the S3 compatibility offers seamless integration with any S3-compatible client in just a few clicks, enabling geofenced backup lines that are ultra-secure and immutable.


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The Stats

5000+ customers, partners, and companies in 70+ countries

up to 80% savings compared to AWS/Azure/Google and on-prem solutions

99.999999999% for data durability thanks to geo-distributed technology

Cubbit is built for Next-Gen Data Protection


  • Geo-redundant, at no extra cost


  • Protect from ransomware and disasters


  • Guarantee digital sovereignty and compliance with the strictest laws


  • Cost-efficient and sustainable with only 50% of the capacity required compared to centralized cloud storage

How can you Benefit?

  • Use Cases

    Hyper-resilient, fully compliant cloud backup at a fraction of the cost

    Ransomware Protection
    Next-gen ransomware protection with immutability and encryption

    Secure, compliant, cost-effective data archiving

    Hybrid Cloud
    Secure, off-site backup to NAS without paying licenses

    Automate scripting processes and easily migrate data

    Build applications in the cloud with ease and performance

  • Benefits of X-OD

    Volume discount

    PayGo and reserved capacity

    Payment flexibility on Reserved Capacity

    Faster and easier orders

    Consolidated invoicing available online


    Simple subscription management

Cubbit Resources

Cubbit OnePager


Cubbit Datasheet


Cubbit on EXN/XOD video


Cubbit Pitch by CEO


Cubbit OnePager


Cubbit Datasheet


Cubbit on EXN/XOD video


Cubbit Pitch by CEO


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